PAT MICRO adhesion tester AT101E/1kN

Automatic adhesion tester for testing with very small specimens and with very low pull force

PAT MICRO adhesion testing is designed for testing in confined areas, particularly on small components of irregular and awkward shapes.

Testing coatings and bond strength on fragile or thin substrates and components where the overall pull force must be strictly limited.


  • Portable and simple to use.
  • Produces comparable test results both in the laboratory and on site.
  • Precision gauge with both MPa (N/mm2) and p.s.i. reading.
  • Simple layout of control panel.
  • Rate of tensile force increase is infinitely variable between zero MPa/sec (standstill) up to maximum rate (the rate depends on the size test element used).
  • 110/230V mains power.
  • All AT101E adhesion testing machine models can have the data logging module built in when new or retro-fitted into existing units.
  • Testing of coatings on any shaped substrates, e.g. inside and outside pipe surfaces.
  • Supplied in solid aluminium case.


Test element size Full Scale Certified testing range
(diameter mm)    
  MPa psi MPa psi
Ø 2.8 160 23200 136 19700
Ø 4 80 11600 68 9800
Ø 5.7 40 5800 34 4925
Maximum pull force 1kN
Accuracy ±1% of full scale
Power 110 / 230V AC
Hydraulic System Drive Two-step servo motor
Weight of testing head 60g / 2 oz.
Weight complete in case 8.6 kg
Case Dimentions (W x L x H) 45 x 34 x 15cm – 18 x 14 x 6 inches
Complies with: ISO 4624, EN 24624, ASTM D4541, etc
* Automatic hydraulic pump unit with control display
* Hydraulic cable
* PAT testing head 1kN
* Adaptor for mains power
* Instrument carry case with protective interior
* Calibration Certificate