Flame Sprayed Coatings

As an important quality control measure flame sprayed zinc and aluminium are required to be tested for adhesion strength as the spraying progresses to ensure that the contractual minimum adhesion strength is achieved.

Testing is often required on the actual sprayed component which may not necessarily be flat. It can be a cylindrical shape or an uneven surface. It is therefore vital to use test equipment which is not affected by these constraints by showing readings which are too low (causing problems with the contractual obligations).

Three PAT models are suitable for this type of QC testing:

GM01/6.3kN – The basic manual all-round model for testing in the workshop and on site. Can be connected to Digital Logging Module.

AT101E/6.3kN – Automatic model suitable for more scientific testing in the lab, shop floor and on site where a significant degree of consistency of test procedures is required. Particularly useful where a constant rate of force increase is desired. Ready for use with Digital Logging Module.

PAThandy 6.3kN – Light alloy palm-held unit which is used by people on the move with hand luggage constraints. No excuse anymore for not bringing the adhesion tester event he most remote site!