Paints and Protective Coatings

The PAT adhesion tester is a versatile and powerful test instrument for pull-off precision measurements of coatings and paint adhesion. The equipment complies with all testing standards relevant to pull-off testing (e.g. ISO 4624, ASTM D4541, EN24624, etc.)

The equipment comes in a range of different versions of which certain models are suitable for typical paint and protective coatings testing.

  1. Paints and protective coatings normally have strengths which can be measures successfully with PAT model GM01/6.3kN.
  2. Alternatively, the equivalent strength automatic adhesion tester, AT101E/6.3kN is suitable.
  3. PAThandy 6.3kN palm-held unit is a useful alternative if transport size (e.g. as hand luggage) is critical.

Whether the manual or the automatic testing model is chosen depends on a number of factors like:

  • The amount of testing conducted
  • Laboratory/site use
  • Whether data logging is required
  • Personal preferences
  • Accuracy required