Data Logging Module

Adhesion Testing Data Logging Module

Data acquisition/generation module

  • Inbuilt into the PAT automatic adhesion tester (model AT101E); or
  • Retro-fitted into your existing PAT automatic adhesion tester.

Fig. 1 Testing screen with mouse click operation of the adhesion tester

Features of PAT Data Logging

  • Each test is plotted (materials stress as a function of time) real-time and with a recording of maximum stress before fracture.
  • All relevant coatings data are included in the test reports.
  • The system is Windows-operated and generates test result with greater resolution than what is possible with the gauge on the manual models (two decimal points).
  • It represents a unique way of storing test data and compiling the data into a complete adhesion record filing system for continuous research and QC use.
  • A very comprehensive report generating facility.
  • Authoritative, conclusive and very effective test reports

Fig. 2 Bar charts of all the tests grouped under project names.

Fig. 3 List of all the tests for each project with key data

Download PDF-Data Logging Leaflet