Manual Adhesion Test Equipment


There are two types of pull-off adhesion testers:

The manual models are listed below. The choice of equipment may depend on several factors like the type of coating, the amount of testing, test procedure specifications, personal preferences, etc. All the equipment listed below complies with ISO 4624, ASTM D 4541, EN 1542 and ASTM C633.

Manual Testing Models

PAT model GM01/6.3kN

The most popular adhesion testing model. A robust, versatile adhesion tester for paints, metal coatings, thin films, ceramics and other types of coatings.

PAThandy™ 6.3kN

A brand new model, a small, palm-held adhesion tester made of light alloy metals (1.25kg), designed for easy hand luggage transportation for inaccessible site testing. It is important to note that the model has retained the powerful 6.3kN testing head to give this model the same testing abilities as the model GM01/6.3kN adhesion tester.

PAT model GM04/20kN

A lightweight but powerful pull adhesion tester with a 20 kN testing head sufficient to test most concrete surfaces using a Ø50mm test element. Max range is 10 MPa (N/mm2) /1450 psi.

PAT model GM04/40kN

The most powerful manual pull adhesion tester in the range with a 40 kN testing with a threaded connection between testing head and test element. This model can pull up to 20 MPa/2900 psi using a Ø50mm test element. Suitable for testing of strong concrete surfaces, road and bridge materials, etc.