Automatic Adhesion Test Equipment

There are two types of pull-off adhesion testers:

The automatic models are listed below. The choice of equipment may depend on several factors like the type of coating, the amount of testing, test procedure specifications, personal preferences, etc.

Current Automatic Models

PAT model AT101E/6.3kN

The most popular, general-purpose adhesion tester for the majority of coatings including paints, thermal sprayed coatings, thin films, etc.

PAT model AT101E/20kN

A more powerful model designed primarily for testing of concrete, surface rendering, screeds, concrete repair materials, tile adhesives and other cementitious materials.

PAT model AT101E/40kN

A powerful automatic tensile adhesion tester mainly used in two areas:

  • testing of thermal sprayed coatings using a Ø25mm test element; and
  • tensile pull testing of strong concrete materials with the Ø50mm or Ø70.7mm test element.

PAT model AT101E/80kN

The most powerful pull-off adhesion tester in the PAT range. 8 tons of pull force is at your disposal for testing of the strongest thermal sprayed coatings.

PAT model AT101E/1.0kN

A specialist model for testing of very small components or testing where only a very low total force can be applied.

PAT model AT101E/0.25kN

A variation of the 1kN micro tester above where the maximum total force has been reduced to 250N (approx. 25kg). This model is for testing of fragile material with small test elements.

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