DFD® Technology PAT Precision pull off adhesion testers

Our Activities

DFD® INSTRUMENTS develop, design and manufacture the PAT adhesion testers, which are high precision pull-off type measuring instruments for adhesion and bond strength testing of all types of films, coatings, laminates, adhesives, metals and other materials. The adhesion testing technology, based on the concept Dynamic Force Distribution™, ensures completely reproducible test results regardless of the testing circumstances like e.g. the shape of the substrate. Also, with this test equipment laboratory results are always comparable with field test results.

The unique design of PAT ensures total test reliability: The test results are not operator-dependent. The testing machines are supplied with attachments ranging from the 1 kN micro-adhesion tester (typically for testing on very small components or areas) up to the fully automatic 80kN tester (mainly used for metal coatings). The equipment is either manually operated or fully automatic. Logging and storing of the test results can be done with the Windows-based digital testing module.

PAT Versatility

The PAT adhesion test equipment solves the problem of incorrect measurements by distributing its pull stress 100% evenly over the test area. The PAT range meets all your testing requirements:

  • Hydraulic pull action
  • Field and lab testing – portable design

The test method complies with ISO 4624, ASTM D4541, EN 1542, ASTM C633, to mention the most relevant standards. Complete range of interchangeable pulling heads ( from 1kN up to 80kN) and test elements (dollies) ranging from Ø2.8mm to Ø70mm.

With a choice of manual, automatic, analogue and digital models, PAT is used worldwide for adhesion testing of all types of paints and coatings including:

  • paint adhesion tester
  • pull-off testing of thermal sprayed coatings
  • concrete tensile pull testing
  • tensile testing of HVOF-sprayed coatings
  • bond testing of screeds and concrete repair materials
  • adhesion testing of plasma sprayed coatings
  • bond strength testing of laminates
  • tensile strength testing of composites
  • bond testing of concrete repair materials
  • adhesion testing of inks and thin films
  • pull testing of plated surfaces
  • adhesion testing of CVD/PVD coatings

Testing in accordance with ASTM-C633

Many companies insist that the adhesion testing of thermally sprayed coatings is done according to ASTM-C633. What is this, and can it be done with the PAT test equipment? The PAT equipment is designed for ASTM testing, and the fact is that it is actually much simpler to do this testing with PAT than with large, stationary conventional tensile testing equipment.
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Hand-Held Pull-Off Adhesion Tester


DFD® Instruments’ portable adhesion pull-off tester. Made of light alloy materials, it is the smallest adhesion tester in the PAT range. The accuracy is ensured through the tried and tested DFD®-method with enough hydraulic power to measure the adhesion of strongest coatings with a smooth and successive force increase and a 100% perfect force distribution – both vital ingredients for accurate test results. The adhesion tester fits neatly into a case about the size of a three inch thick A4 sheet of paper, weighing 1.9 kg, so there is no excuse for not bringing it even to the most remote testing site!
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